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Custom Neon Sign

Custom Neon Sign

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Ready to turn up the WOW factor in your space? Look no further than a Custom Neon Sign from NeonLume – the ultimate game-changer for any setting! These transparent acrylic neon signs are a perfect representation of your brand or just a fun decoration for your home! Choices include words, fonts, colors, and rows. Each sign comes with a remote which includes a dimmer. This comes with screws to hang yourself and plugs right into the wall. This item is shipped (5-8 days) in a supported box so it gets to you perfectly.

After placing your order, you will be contacted to confirm a mockup of your custom sign.

*The preview is not exactly how your final product will look like. It is for you to get an idea of how your letters will look with the available fonts and colors. Please use measuring tape in your space to get an accurate size.

  • 1-Line 12 inches: Up to 5 letters
  • 1-Line 21 inches: Up to 10 Letters
  • 1-Line 28 inches: 5-15 Letters
  • 1-Line 32 inches: 6-20 Letters
  • 1-Line 36 inches: 7-24 Letters
  • 1-Line 40 inches: 8-30 Letters

  • 2 Line 12 inches: Up to 5 letters
  • 2 Line 21 inches: Up to 10 letters
  • 2 Line 28 inches: 5-15 Letters
  • 2-Line 32 inches: 6-20 Letters
  • 2-Line 36 inches: 7-24 Letters
  • 2 Line 40 inches: 8-30 Letters

(Sizing is lengthwise, Height depends on font & letter amount)


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